The Art of Projective Geometry - For Waldorf Teachers

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Beautiful 84 page, full colour book written and illustrated by Sophia Montefiore.

This is book is for Projective Geometry teachers in Waldorf schools and anyone interested in the philosophical aspects of Projective Geometry drawing.

This book is one of a pair consisting of a teacher’s guide and a handbook for students. The teacher’s guide contains extra information, reflections, suggestions for teaching approaches, demonstrations, and other explorations. There are detailed steps for creating over 18 beautiful forms.

Sophia Montefiore has developed through her own inimitable perspective a Goethean expression of colour and light in the extensions to the work of former Waldorf teachers in Projective Geometry to create an innovative and exciting expression within this field of artistic Mathematics ... This book, brings Projective Geometry into focus through an artistic vision that integrates Mathematics and Art ... It is this unique approach which lifts this from any possible considerations of the mundane or the archaic and brings it into a living twenty-first century world.