About Sophia

Brief Biography

Sophia Montefiore is an artist and educator. Her enthusiasm for the Waldorf Curriculum and Projective Geometry have been shared with teachers, sacred geometers, and anthroposophists around the globe. Through her unique artistic approach, she has created fresh access and meaning for many people.

Sophia draws inspiration from her experiences presenting Projective Geometry to senior students at the Newcastle Waldorf School, as well her many workshops for adults. She has presented at the IRA teacher training workshops in India, for Steiner Education Australia, Sydney Regional Steiner Schools, Sydney Rudolf Steiner Spring Seminar Teachers' Conference, Christian Community Churches, Anthroposophical Centres, as well as at the Sacred Art of Geometry (SAOG) studio at Emerson College, U.K., and online for international geometers.

Sophia Montefiore’s books and artworks include:

·       The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Wynstones Press.

·       The Lonely Princess and the Four Winds, Mandala Publishing.

·       Visions of the Zodiac: Drawn from Ancient Sumerian Wisdom.

·       The Art of Projective Geometry – for Waldorf Teachers

·       The Art of Projective Geometry – for Waldorf Schools

Her series of books on Projective Geometry will include additional extension volumes on growth measure, spirals, and perspective.

Sophia Montefiore’s Projective Geometry articles can be found in:

·       Journal for Waldorf/Rudolf Steiner education - Vol 20, Sept 2018

·       Star Wisdom Journal 2020, “Letter to the editor”

·       Drawings and text for Brian Keats’s 2021, 2022 and 2023 Astro Calendars

·       Article on The Importance of Projective Geometry in the High School for Lilipoh. U.S.A.


Bachelor of Arts (English Literature & Pure Mathematics) - University of Newcastle; Bachelor of Arts (Visual Arts) - HIHE; Diploma of Education - Charles Sturt University; Diploma of Steiner Education - Raphael College; Graduate Certificate in Professional Development (Steiner Perspectives) Canberra University.